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1960's Juke Box

Hear top juke box hits from the 60's by clicking the links below:


1960's - An American Revolution

The SIXTIES were a time of revolution.  Every aspect of life was changing:  music, art, fashion, politics, technology, business, and of course, lifestyle.  The SIXTIES brought love, peace, war, assassination, civil rights, liberation, and even the first landing on the moon.  It was certainly a decade of change. The SIXTIES...There Will Never Be Another Decade Like the '60s.  Click here and enjoy!

1960 - Chubby Checker Teaches Us the Twist

1960 brought many good hits from a variety of artists. Although Chubby Checker was not new to rock and roll, he hit it big with The Twist in 1960. Teenagers loved it, and they celebrated at the hops. Find out more.

1961 - Patsy Cline Causes Fans to Go "Crazy"

Patsy Cline could do no wrong! She gave Americans "Crazy", and "I Fall to Pieces" in the very same year. While she was rocking the world with love songs, Ray Charles was keeping us lit up with "Hit the Road Jack". "Crazy" became the #1 Jukebox Tune! Find Out More.

1962 - Doing the "Locomotion"

The dance craze continued in 1962, as Little Eva hit the charts for the only time with Loco-Motion.  Teenagers scrambled to get in front of the TV to watch American Bandstand and to listen to rock on the radio.  Click here for more highlights of 1962.

1963 - The Beatles and The Beach Boys

What a year for rock 'n' roll!  California surfers, The Beach Boys, hit the charts with "In My Room", and went on to become Captil Records hottest group for the remainder of the SIXTIES!  Teenagers idolized The Beatles...Find out more.

1964 - Beatlemania

Rock and roll took a major turn in 1964.  Most would say it was the result of the British Invasion, but many argue that it was the U.S. military invasion of Vietnam.  The Beatles were not the first group from UK to come to U.S. but they rocked America in a way that none other had!  Americans were wild about the Beatles, thus Beatlemania erupted.  It was in 1964 when ...

1965 - The Most Hits Ever

Rock and Roll was now a decade old!  It was a huge year with hit after hit and hit, ranging from The Beatles to Bob Dylan (pictured here) to Smokey Robinson to The Who.  The Number One song of all time hit this year.  Find out more.

1966 - Is Rock and Roll Defined Yet?

Beatlemania was in full swing by 1966!  Motown was still rolling out the hits.  Diana Ross (pictured here) was singing about love with "You Can't Hurry Love", and Aaron Neville hit the charts with "Tell It Like It Is".  Just exactly, what was rock and roll?  You decide...

1967 - THE Queen Rocks

1967 has been deemed "The Summer of Love" by many rock historians.  Aretha Franklin earned the title of "Queen of Soul" with 3 huge hits thatyear.  The Beatles released the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band album.  Need we say more?  Click here.

1968 - What a Hodge Podge!

Hodge Podge would start to describe the hits in 1968.  Otis Redding (pictured) lit up the charts with "(Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay".  The Beatles continued to rock the world with "Hey Jude".   There were love songs, such as "This Guy's In Love With You" by Herb Alpert.   Psychedellic music continued to be popular among some with "Green Tambourine" by the Lemon Pipers topping the charts ... and more, of course!

1969 - Rock Was About to Change AGAIN

By 1969, soft rock and country rock had become popular.  That's not to say that "hard rock" was dead, but American attitudes had softened, and as always, music reflected the overall feel of the country.  Creedence Clearwater Revival (shown) was a household name.  The Jackson 5 was about to break out a new style of music.  Say goodbye to the sixties.

Fond Memories From The 50's & 60's

to see a Powerpoint show of some wonderful photos from the 50's & 60's..........they are bound to bring back lots of fond memories.
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