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Wanted Trigg County suspect arrested Sunday in Christian County ---- Two drownings over holiday weekend ---- Western Kentucky State Fair continues ---- Find a complete schedule of events for the Western Kentucky State Fair on our Community Events page.

1950's Juke Box

Hear top juke box hits from the 50's by clicking the links below:


Early Fifties - Birth of Rock and Roll

Light melodies, sweet lyrics, wholesome singers. Innocent and inoffensive songs. All of this can be said about the music of the Early Fifties.Yet, all that white American complacency could not hold back the vitality of Black R and B music, so a whole new sound emerged - Rock and Roll.  Click here for a full history of how rock and roll started!

WKOA/WHVO - Birth of Rock and Roll in Hoptown - 1954

It's where you heard 'em the first time.  WHVO plays the very same original hits that you first heard on WKOA in Hoptown in the mid 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Rock and Roll lives on!  Click here for more information about the history of WKOA, now WHVO!  WKDZ-AM joined forces with WHVO to create the new craze, Boomer Radio.

1955 - Chuck Berry and Bill Haley Rock America

1955 was a big year for the formation of rock and roll.  Rock needed radio, and radio needed Rock.  American teens were uneasy with Mom and Dad's music, and it was a year of transition for music.  Bill Haley (pictured) and the Comet's "Rock Around the Clock" was released in 1954 but became a huge hit in 1955.  Click here for highlights.

1956 - A King is Named

1956 was a huge year for rock 'n' roll.  Elvis Presley took the country by storm.  Eighteen songs from 1956 made Rolling Stone's Top 500 All-Time Best List.  Radio became the soul of rock 'n' roll!  Click here for highlights of 1956.

1957 - Buddy Holly Made the World Fall in Love with Peggy Sue

Many new artists hit the charts and became household names with teenagers and adults in 1957.  Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley) took the nation by storm with four hits that became Top 500 Songs of All-Time.  Click here for more information.

1958 - A Year of Diversity

Connie Francis ("Who's Sorry Now") was the first female to become a leading vocalist without the dominance of a male counterpart.  Several names made the rock charts for the first time in 1958!  Click here for full details.

1959 - Love is in the Air

Many of the songs that topped the charts were about love, and teenagers were hooked on rock 'n' roll!  Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife" was the number one song, and Paul Anka's "Lonely Boy" hit #1 in mid-summer, just in time for the summer sock hops.  Click here for more highlights of 1959.

Fond Memories From The 50's & 60's

to see a Powerpoint show of some wonderful photos from the 50's & 60's..........they are bound to bring back lots of fond memories.
(click the triangle under the photo to flip through the 66 images)