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Why Radio?

Why Choose Radio?

Radio in general has seen more growth in advertising revenue over the past decade than any other medium (292% growth between 1990 and 2000).


Radio has unique strengths and unique 'relationships' with your potential customers.  A typical radio listener spends approximately 4 to 6 hours with radio EVERY DAY!  That means you can communicate more often with your potential customers and get more attention with your message.

Radio can truly transform your business.  Read on to find out why radio advertising is the advertising medium for you!

Radio Is Portable

Radio goes with people everywhere.  They wake up with radio.  They have breakfast with radio.  They spend time in the car with radio.  They listen to radio at work and at play.  They even listen to the radio on their computers. 
Radio is the pre-shopping medium

Radio is the last medium consumed before making a purchase.  Imagine being able to communicate to your potential customers BEFORE they purchase from your competitors.

Radio is cost effective

If you combine the fact that radio is listened to for over 31% of the day, and that only 16% of listeners try to avoid ads, it makes radio one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business.

Making RADIO Work for You­

It really takes three key areas to make your radio advertising work for you.

1.    What you say.  The words you use in your ads need to be compelling to the target customer group.

2.    How you say it.  We will help you create memorable and entertaining commercials for your particular message.

3.    How many times you say it.  Don't spread your marketing budget too thinly.  DOMINATE months, weeks, days or even time periods with your message.  Make yourself famous through repetition.
Our experienced sales team at WKDZ 106.5FM can work with you to make sure these critical areas are covered before you start your radio campaign with us.

What Can Radio Do For You?


Radio Commercials can communicate all kinds of messages to a receptive audience.  Whether it's a special limited offer or a message to make people visit a website, high frequency and compelling creativity can motivate radio listeners to take specific action.


Sponsoring a specific feature, show or promotion can create huge levels of awareness and can tap into the strong relationship listeners have with the station.  This association can add credibility to the message and take it out of the 'commercial ad break', delivering a subtler sell.

A promotion can enhance an existing event, create a new event and add lots of interest to both.  Promotions are a great way to 'touch' the audience and become part of a real experience.

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