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Pet Corner
Sponsored by The Trigg County Vet Clinic
81 Roger Thomas Road,  Cadiz, KY 42211

(270) 522-3404

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Pet theft is a felony as is dumping animals.

Dogs and cats are not disposable; they are a lifelong commitment much like a child.
If you are thinking of adopting a dog, click on the link below to read some basic
adopting guidelines.



11/21/14 - Missing Jack Russel Terrier, approx. 4 years old.  Answers to Roscoe, very friendly.  Lost in the Cobb/wallonia area.  Contact Krista Curtis at 270-625-8281. Find Krista on FaceBook.

11-18-14 - Mika has gone missing since Monday. She's a full blooded Red Siberian Female
Husky and is wearing a gray flea collar. She just celebrated her 1st birthday with our family.
We live in the Canton area off Maple Grove Road/Beechy Fork Road. Please call Jacob at 270-350-3538 or Sara at 270-350-2012.






11/20/14 - A white with brown spots beagle mix on Gentry Gray Road (near the old radio station) off Will Jackson Road. She had been running around the area since Monday. She is very friendly, well nourished, and seems to be someone's inside pet. If you have any information regarding the owner, please give me a call at 270-556-3294.

11/19/14 - Via Facebook - Found Young Golden dog in Cadiz, KY. Please share. Must describe details about the dog and bring proof its yours please. Message Melody on FaceBook.

11/19/14 - 5 month old male. Call Kathy at 270-836-3202 or 270-522-3608.

11/18/14 - A black & white young male dog with no collar. Found on the Princeton Road area. Please call Tommy at 270-350-6580 to claim your dog.

11-14-14 - Found 2 small Terriers, charcoal colored and 1 small black lab puppy on the Old Hopkinsville Road/Redd Lane. Please call 607-423-5447 to claim your dogs.

11/4/14 - This sweet girl needs a home. We’ve been calling her Lilly, and she has been living on our porch for the last few months. We really love her, but we already have 3 inside cats and cannot have a fourth. I can't stand the thought of her living out in the cold. She is getting spayed and shots today, so in a couple of days she will be ready to be someone's special snuggle-buddy. She LOVES people and kids, and even gets along with dogs. We haven't seen what she is like with other cats, but I would think she'd adapt just fine. She also loves being held and has a roar of a purr. Please email if you are interested,

10/30/14 - Two cats showed up at our Wharton Road home. One cat is striped with a green collar and a bell. The other cat is solid black. Please call Melissa at 270-839-7240 to claim your cats!

10/27/14 - Found a female Weimerreiner  Call Ben Wood 270-889-1900.



SOCIETY, 4146 Canton Road in Cadiz (270-522-9548) -  
Donations are always appreciated.

These girls must have been lost in cyber space somewhere.  They are in need of loving home..4 year old girls (siblings).  House-trained, love to sit in your lap.  Chihuahua/Feist terrier mixes.  They have lost their
family and need someone to love them. Call Ramona at 270-522-9548.

The Humane Society has 3 special needs kitties looking for loving homes.  A calico that had been starved, a gray tabby kitten that had to have a leg amputated due to being tied to a tree and a cat that had been shot in the head with an arrow (now healed).  They will need to be inside "babies".  Contact Ramona at 270-522-9548.

This is LuLu. A barrell chested bloodhound. She is spayed and microchipped...Good with kids, but not cats or other small animals. Call Ramona at 270-522-9548.

Rae Rae is a wonderful blood hound. Rae Rae says to "call Ramona at 270-522-9548 and tell her you want to take me home!"

Rae Rae was in the studio at the Metroplex. A wonderful dog with a great disposition! She just wants a home! You'll be glad you did!



Bluegrass Basset Rescue of Hopkinsville and Murray is seeking foster homes for stray and owner-surrendered basset hounds. Short and long term foster care is needed.  All bills are paid for by the rescue - you just supply the indoor space and love. Interested parties can call Susan at 270-890-0491.

Below is KY legislation requirements on Rabies vaccination.  People
often don't know KY requires Rabies vaccinations.  Rabies is a very serious, fatal disease which can be transmitted through a bite.  Vaccinating our pets is not only important to protect our pets, but to protect all people who come into contact with the pet.  A bite from an unvaccinated pet becomes a serious and often complicated ordeal involving diagnostic labs and the public health department.  The best, safest, legal, and most responsible thing for a pet owner is to get the vaccinations as described below. 
The vaccination schedule for all dogs, cats, and ferrets shall be as follows:
         1.       All dogs, cats, and ferrets four (4) months of age and older shall be vaccinated against rabies.
         2.       Dogs, cats, and ferrets initially vaccinated shall be re-vaccinated one (1) year after the initial vaccination regardless of the type of vaccine used or age of the animal at the time of vaccination.
         3.       Thereafter the period of time required for re-vaccination shall be dependent upon the type of vaccine administered. The date of expiration shall be indicated on the vaccination certificate. The current re-vaccination recommendations of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Inc. may be utilized in determining expiration dates of vaccines. 
********So, their first rabies vaccination is good for 1 year, then we use a 3 year rabies vaccine and will re-vaccinate every 3 years thereafter.**************  We also recommend rabies vaccinations for horses as well.

Save your aluminum cans to help the Trigg County Humane Society. They will even pick them up! Money raised goes to help the animals with medical bills. Call Ramona at 522-9548.

REMINDER:  The Trigg County Humane Society urges all pet owners to keep their pet's shots up to date, and put a collar and tags on your pets.

NOTE:  If you cannot keep your pet for any reason, do the humane thing, call 522-9548, and the Trigg County Humane Society will find your pet a good home. Please do not drop them, as it is a felony!  If you see someone drop an animal, get the license plate number, and call the sheriff's department.

Trigg County Humane Society
Ramona- 522-9548