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Pet Corner
Sponsored by The Trigg County Vet Clinic
81 Roger Thomas Road,  Cadiz, KY 42211

(270) 522-3404

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Pet theft is a felony as is dumping animals.
THEY CAN'T FEND FOR THEMSELVES.Dogs and cats are not disposable;
they are a lifelong commitment much like a child. If you are thinking of
adopting a dog, click on the link below to read some basic adopting guidelines.

3/16/15 - Last seen on Roaring Springs Road on March 15th. Responds to Charlie, but he is skittish around strangers. Neighbor reported seeing a blue car stop in front of our house while he was in the yard. We think he was stolen but maybe someone picked him up thinking they were helping him. Call 270-271-9279 is seen or found.

3/13/15 - Male black and white cat about 8 months old. Lost on Kings Chapel Area during this last snow storm. Please contact Missy at 270-206-8655. His name is Torch.

3/10/15 - Missing is a female Shih Tzu - about a year old. Is brown on back half with black ears. Answers to the name of Foo Foo or Bunny. Lost in the Canton Baptist Church/Boyd's Landing Road area in Trigg County. Call Diane Garvin at 270-350-6120.

2/26/15 - Missing is a male American bull dog, white with black spots with black patch on left eye, wearing a black collar. Last seen at the 2.5 mile marker on Dawson Springs Road Hopkinsville. Please call 270-350-2048

2/20/15 - Missing from Line St., Cadiz is a 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. No collar. Black and Brown. Please call Frank or Sierra at 270-206-5687 if you see our dog.
3/11/15 - Found this dog on Hwy 1585. Contact Beatrix Whitt through FaceBook if this is your dog.

3/5/15 -
Found 2 puppies and a larger dog on 3/4/15, running down 68/80 in land between the lakes. If any one knows where they belong please call or text me! 931-494-4625
If I can't find the owners I will find them homes!

2/23/15 -
Found a little black female dog on Petsch Lane, Hopkinsville. No collar. Call Billie Joe at 270-348-3031.

2/22/15 - If someone has lost a heifer in the Gracey/Julien area, please contact Carey & Sheri Lancaster at 270-484-7285.

2/23/15 - Found 3 horses on Hwy 117 in Trigg County. A Black & White Paint, a Saw Quarter Horse, and a Bay Pony. These are put up and safe. Please call 270-350-0090, or text me if no answer. Layton Litchfield.

2/19/15 - Found at the State State Farm Office on Lakota Drive in Cadiz is a male German Shepherd. Not wearing a collar. Call Hiliary at 270-522-8444 to claim your dog.



SOCIETY, 4146 Canton Road in Cadiz (270-522-9548)
Donations are always appreciated.

This boy was found in LBL..Has a collar on but no one has claimed...Good mouser...Needs a good, loving home...Contact Ramona at 270-522-9548.

Save your aluminum cans to help the Trigg County Humane Society. They will even pick them up! Money raised goes to help the animals with medical bills. Call Ramona at 522-9548.

REMINDER:  The Trigg County Humane Society urges all pet owners to keep their pet's shots up to date, and put a collar and tags on your pets.

NOTE:  If you cannot keep your pet for any reason, do the humane thing, call 522-9548, and the Trigg County Humane Society will find your pet a good home. Please do not drop them, as it is a felony!  If you see someone drop an animal, get the license plate number, and call the sheriff's department.

Trigg County Humane Society
Ramona- 522-9548
Below is KY legislation requirements on Rabies vaccination.  People
often don't know KY requires Rabies vaccinations.  Rabies is a very serious, fatal disease which can be transmitted through a bite.  Vaccinating our pets is not only important to protect our pets, but to protect all people who come into contact with the pet.  A bite from an unvaccinated pet becomes a serious and often complicated ordeal involving diagnostic labs and the public health department.  The best, safest, legal, and most responsible thing for a pet owner is to get the vaccinations as described below. 
The vaccination schedule for all dogs, cats, and ferrets shall be as follows:
         1.       All dogs, cats, and ferrets four (4) months of age and older shall be vaccinated against rabies.
         2.       Dogs, cats, and ferrets initially vaccinated shall be re-vaccinated one (1) year after the initial vaccination regardless of the type of vaccine used or age of the animal at the time of vaccination.
         3.       Thereafter the period of time required for re-vaccination shall be dependent upon the type of vaccine administered. The date of expiration shall be indicated on the vaccination certificate. The current re-vaccination recommendations of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Inc. may be utilized in determining expiration dates of vaccines. 
********So, their first rabies vaccination is good for 1 year, then we use a 3 year rabies vaccine and will re-vaccinate every 3 years thereafter.**************  We also recommend rabies vaccinations for horses as well.